Hi! I’m Advaith Narayan, and I am running for Grand Marshal!

I am a junior Mechanical Engineering student, currently serving as an Independent Senator and Vice Grand Marshal.

I grew up near San Francisco, California and as a result of the beautiful weather year round, I absolutely love being outside and especially love to play golf. Outside of Student Government, I am active in RPI Ambulance, enjoy rock climbing with the Outing Club, like watching hockey (Go Sharks!), and love to cook. I am also involved in undergraduate research in the Energy Systems Lab, studying droplet evaporation in micro-pores.

I'm currently serving my third term in the Student Senate, having served my first two terms as a Class of 2021 Senator. Last year, I also had the pleasure of serving as the chairperson of the Hospitality Services Advisory Committee, where I helped implement the late night meal swipe program in Rathskeller in the Union.

My responsibilities as Vice Grand Marshal are split between helping the Grand Marshal with their duties, overseeing the 10 committees of the Senate (2 of which are joint Senate - Executive Board committees), and monitoring the petitions on the petitions website. Throughout my term as Vice GM I have pushed for committees to re-adopt the subcommittee structure which has been proven to be greatly beneficial in the committees that have implemented it; stayed involved during my Arch away term by working through video conferencing and set a precedent for those on their Arch away semesters to stay involved in the Senate; and have successfully addressed 3 petitions that have garnered over 250 signatures.

I am looking forward to continuing my work in improving the student experience through student government and serving as your next Grand Marshal!

If you have any questions about Student Government or just want to say hello, don’t hesitate to reach out (naraya5@rpi.edu)!